Veterinary Services
• Full service
• Wellness
• In house surgery
• Full Spectrum of diagnostic lab services
• Pharmacy

Hospital, surgery, radiology, ultrasound, laboratory, dentistry

Complete yearly physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm and parasite prevention and treatment. Also nutrition, behavior, pediatric and geriatric care.

Preventative Health Care
Our staff is dedicated to your pet. Individual pets require different nutritional and weight management advice, blood, urine, and fecal testing.

Here at Clearwater Animal Hospital we have a state of the art surgical suite which includes gas anesthesia, blood pressure, ECG, carbon dioxide and pulse oximetry monitoring. We also have excellent ways to control body temperature during and after surgery. We also provide advanced pain management for your pet. We have a surgical specialist available to come in for specialty surgeries

Our laboratory machines are state of the art and up to date. Specialized tests can be sent all over the country enabling your pet to receive the best care possible.

Consults are available with a board certified veterinarian radiologist.

Ultrasound technology lends a hand in diagnosing your pet through noninvasive procedures. Ultrasound helps enable us to formulate a treatment plan for your pet.

ECG monitoring enables us to diagnose heart abnormalities and arrhythmias. We are also able to access specialists within minutes to diagnose and treat your pet.

Blood Pressure
With our state of the art blood pressure monitoring system we are able to diagnose and treat high blood pressure. Treating high blood pressure reduces organ damage in our pets.

The aging pet has a special place in our hearts and lives. We are dedicated to providing care and enhance and extend their lives.

With our state of the art dental machine we are able to clean, polish, and extract your pet's teeth. With our advanced pain management options we can provide sufficient pain management for your pet after teeth extractions.  We are also proud to provide more complete dental care with our new digital dental xray equipment.

Behavior Counseling
We are dedicated in helping you and your pet with any behavioral issues that may be occuring. Some behavioral issues that we can help you with include: potty training, crate training, aggressiveness, submissive urination, and many more.

We are dedicated in providing your pet with the best nutrition. We can help you find the food that is right for your pet and the reccommended amount to feed your pet. We have many prescription and non-prescription foods available.